Unity Of Religion Agreement 2017

Moreover, “the effort to establish a world domination of peace through a secular union of religions,” he found, “has a disturbing resemblance to the third temptation of Jesus: “… I will give you all the kingdoms of the earth, if you hear me, if you prostrate yourself, if you will worship me. (Matthew 4:9) For in this conception, world peace itself becomes the Summum bonum,… to achieve, of which all other doctrines and religious acts are mere means. But a god who would become the instrument of so-called upper extremities is no longer God; In fact, he delivered his true “Being God” to the superior man whose establishment he is to serve.¬†On the 19th, the Walk for World Peace was held at the World Peace Gate of Seoul Olympic Park, with approximately 200,000 people from home and abroad. At the ensuing press conference, the host organization presented the peace agreements signed at the WARP summit and invited journalists to become peace messengers and report frequently on the peace agreements of the WARP summit. The Gorbachev Foundation, one of Bishop Swing`s partners, was established a few months before the fall of the USSR as the international department of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party. It`s in the Presidio. Gorbachev is still an avowed communist. Communism, a Masonic instrument, has long been involved in the formation of the religion of the single world.

In fact, communism, a form of pantheism, was promoted as the foundation of a unity of the religion of the single world and the unity of the world. Communists have been participating in interfaith international conferences for years, even though they were “the enemy”. The WARP summit was the largest event attended by politicians, opponents of religion and representatives of various organizations from around the world. The summit, which is the result of Mr. Lee`s world peace tours, is to serve as the basis for the end of all wars and the attainment of world peace. There are several areas in which groups of people unite in a common cause or common belief, but even then it is difficult to reach full agreement among members. Referring to Noah`s biblical story, the Pope suggested that, in order to ensure peace, we too must “enter as a family into an ark capable of crossing the tumultuous seas of the world.” It is to recognize: “God is the origin of a human family.” “No violence can be justified in the name of religion,” he said. More than 2,000 people have signed the peace agreement, which goes beyond nationality, race and religion. Religions must unite and an international law to end wars must be organized by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) on 17 and 18 September in Seoul, Republic of Korea.