Section 102 Agreement Yorkshire Water

A highway exit is a highway pipeline that carries the highway`s surface waters (roads and footpaths). CON29DW Question 3.7 contains location data for all water meters that use the property. Historically, these codes have been compiled by meter readers, who often use shortcuts to save this place. Before accepting sewers, the emission point must first indicate the owner (s) of the sewers. It is only at the end of two months, without objection, that we can resume the sewers. Subject to these formalities and possible legal formalities (for example. B transfer of land for pumping stations and right to discharge surface water into a stream), we will make a vesting statement that closes the acceptance. Anglian Water conducts a thorough investigation of all violations of drinking water quality standards and takes appropriate corrective action to resolve problems immediately. In the event of a public health hazard related to the quality of drinking water, the company immediately informs customers and advises them not to drink the water until the risk has been eliminated. For more information, check out and choose “Drinking Water Quality” from the menu. This way, you can search for the results of water quality tests for your zip code area.

Wastewater is a river of local or industrial recycled water. A sewer is a duct that normally discharges wastewater and/or surface water from more than one piece of land. Additional Water Course Requirements A loan is a guarantee in the form of a bank guarantee (or other appropriate institution) equal to 10% of the cost of the work to be carried out pursuant to the Section 104 agreement, or the bond for an equivalent amount paid to Anglian Water Services Limited. To arrange for your property to connect to public sewers, please complete the application form found in the Developer Services section of the Anglian Water site or by phone 0345 60 66 087. Anglian Water recently renamed its sanitation services and will now be called water recycling services. They are making this small but important change to guide how to change the perception of water and how we use it. No water is “waste,” it is a precious resource that we lend, use, clean and recycle carefully for use over and over again. Any agreement reached by a remediation developer pursuant to Section 104 is applicable against the owner by the owner or occupier for the duration during which the premises are serviced by sewers or construction work.