University Of La Verne Articulation Agreement

Note: Students with FIDM credits who intend to move to a 4-year university should consult a consultant to discuss how to apply for FIDM courses for loans to a CSU or UC. The articulation agreement with FIDM applies only to the equivalence of LACC courses at FIDM. In addition to the articulation of course courses, the University of La Verne has also created joints with AP, IB, CLEP and DANTES exams. For information on exam joints, click here. Find out what to do at Chaffey College before you go to the university you want. ASSIST is the final filing of agreements between Chaffey and CSU/UC schools. The agreements allow students to follow the necessary teaching at Chaffey University, without having to repeat it at their four-year university. The articulation specifically refers to the articulation of the courses – the process of developing a formal written agreement to identify courses (or course sequences) on a “transmitter” campus that are comparable or acceptable to certain course requirements on a “receiving” campus. The success of an articulation course ensures that the student has taken the course, that he has received the necessary training and preparation and that similar results can be assured.

In short, the articulation process allows the student to reach the next level at the host university. A articulation agreement is an agreement between two colleges that documents how courses on a university campus can be requested for transfer credits to another college in order to meet general, primary and/or other essential requirements. Representatives from several four-year-old universities are available to meet students at the transfer centre. Students have the opportunity to learn about academic needs and general information at the university. Below are links to various universities that set out the course requirements for Chaffey students. Transfer Students Majors and Concentrations Degree Requirement Sheets Catalog Brandman University (Chapman) TransferIng Guides Catalog Articulation Agreements Transfer Students Majors, Minors – Programs Catalog Transfer Requirements – Process Transfer Credit Degree Options Admission Viewbook Information GE Equivalents by Area Program Finder Catalog . . . For more information on the transfer of courses to De La Verne University, visit transfercredit and Policies. Transfer Students Transferable Course List Artulation by Major Courses Catalog General Education Transfer Students Programs and Majors Catalog . Students at the University of La Verne with a degree in life sciences have the unique opportunity to move from BS to the two-year Master of Bioscience at the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI).

This diploma focuses on the translation of basic sciences and engineering into product development and marketing and prepares professionals for leadership positions in the life sciences industry. The KGI`s unique program allows students to build on their scientific studies and educate themselves on the activities of the biotechnology and life sciences industry. Students will be able to conduct applied research while understanding the operation and management of small and large biotechnology companies. Students have the opportunity to specify their studies at five different concentrations: Transfer Students Transfers Course Catalog Arizona State University Major Map Course Equivalency Academic Catalog Transfer Patterns Transfer Policy Schools and Programs Catalog Keck Graduate Institute and University of La Verne have partnered help students in the transition from undergraduate programs to graduate school. Students at the University of La Verne who meet specific requirements can apply for the KgI Masters of Bioscience program without having to take a standardized test or pay an application fee. Transfer of course work Articulation agreement grade and program catalog .